Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WTH Filipino Languages :)

Today I was remember the jingles “Seiko Seiko Wallet” and I was teleport into my passed when I was only about 5 or 6 years. This songs is always playing during a That’s Entertainment commercials. Anyway, I was tried to translating into a English version and suddenly I am come across a very funny Tagalog words that are same word but have a different meaning in the English versions. A testers are attached below:

Waterfalls = Talon, Talon = Jump
Usaging: If you’re go Philippines, you’re better go to see Maria Christina Jump and let the beauty of the jump sinking in.

Maybe = Baka, Baka = Beef
Usaging: I had nilagang maybe for dinner tonight. It was so feeling.

Skin = Balat, Balat = Leather
Usaging: With a leather like that, you are able to becoming a models for Creme de la Mer!

Lips = Labi, Labi = Remains
Usaging: Have you see his remains? They are so kissable!

Vinegar = Suka, Suka = Vomit
Usaging: The best way to eating a chicharon is by make a dip. The dip is make of vomit, chilli, garlic and pepper and salt.

Peanut = Mani, Mani = Clitoris
Usaging: Planters is have a wide selecting of flavours of clitoris. Choose from Salted, Roasted, Honey Roasted and Party Mix.

Seeds = Buto, Buto = Penis
Usaging: Hey if you are swallow the apple’s penis, you are have a apple tree grow in your head!

--Admin Yano--

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